We have a team of fun, smart, amazing teachers: a total of 94 foreign teachers and 30 local teachers across our seven schools. They stay with us for an average two years, and many joined us as referrals from current staff.

Education First has been a great opportunity for me to develop as a person, as well as a teacher. Working at EF in Ningbo has given me access to a very supportive network of teachers, managers and local staff to enable me to grow as a teacher and explore other creative ways to pursue my career. EF's regular training, workshops and team building events have created a varied and exciting work place full of challenges and rewarding teaching experiences!david.starkey@ef.com

EF has allowed me the chance at a better life. Before coming to China I worked very hard and felt as though I would do that the rest of my life. Work was life and life was work and that was how it had to be. Since I arrived in China and started teaching everything has changed. Now my work has direction. People appreciate my effort and respect the results of my labor. Creativity, innovation, and passion are rewarded. Overcoming challenges benefits me, my students, and the other people on the team. I no longer go to work because I have to but because it is an important part of my fulfilling and ever evolving life. eric.pedersen@ef.com


EF’s first school in Ningbo was established in 2002. We’ve expanded a lot since then, and currently have seven schools and over 8,000 students. In our schools, we offer everything you’d expect in terms of teaching materials, digital resources, and multi-media capable classrooms with interactive whiteboards. Teachers are assigned to work at one of our seven schools prior to arriving. The districts surrounding each school are different, but the schools themselves are centrally managed, ensuring a standard quality of experience for our staff and students.

Ningbo 1 , our oldest school, opened in 2002 in Ningbo’s Haishu District. It has more than 1400 students and a team of seventeen foreign teachers and seven local teachers. It’s located near Moon Lake and Tian Yi Square at the center of the city, about a fifteen-minute walk from the train station.

Ningbo 2 opened in 2008 in a mall in Jiangdong District. It’s our largest school with more than 2200 students. The teaching team has twenty-six foreign teachers and seven local teachers. It’s located in the east of the city, 20 minutes by subway to the city center (Tian Yi Square).

Ningbo 3 opened in 2011 in a mall in Yinzhou District. It has more than 1600 students, eighteen foreign teachers and seven local teachers. It’s located in a newly developed area of the city: 30 minutes south of Tian Yi Square by bus, and 20 minutes north of Nottingham University by bike.

Ningbo 4 is one of our newest centers, which opened in May 2018. It already has more than 800 students. It’s home to a team of ten foreign teachers and three local teachers. It’s located north of the city center, about 25 minutes from Tian Yi Square by bus.

Yuyao 1 opened in 2005. It has more than 900 students and a team of eleven foreign teachers and seven local teachers. It’s located in Ningbo’s Yuyao District, which can be reached by a 30-minute commuter rail ride from the Ningbo train station.

Yuyao 2 opened in 2018. It has more than 200 students and will soon be home to a team of six foreign teachers and three local teachers. It’s located 10 minutes by car from Yuyao Station (where you can catch the commuter rail to the center of Ningbo) and 15 minutes away from Yuyao 1.

Cixi Center opened in 2010. It now has around 1000 students, eleven foreign teachers and seven local teachers. Cixi District is about an hour outside of the city center, via a 25-minute taxi to the Yuyao train station followed by the commuter rail to the Ningbo train station.



We take professional development very seriously at EF Ningbo. All of our managers started as teachers. We believe in providing our team with the tools and opportunities for their growth. That's why we offer a comprehensive training program to our teachers focused on: our curriculum, teaching skills, classroom management, and so on. We want our teachers to be better able to deliver the best classes they can… and enjoy them in the process! For that to happen, development is key!

Academic Career Options:

• Teacher

• Specialist Teacher:

   • Academic Mentor

   • Special Event Coordinator

   • Health and Safety Specialist

• Senior Teacher

• Assistant Director of Studies

• Director of Studies

• Senior Director of Studies

• Production Manager