Ningbo is a clean, medium-sized Chinese city with plenty of modern conveniences and a lot of history. Bamboo forests and hills surrounding Ningbo are home to world-class temples and historical sites.

The city sits on China's eastern coastline, in Zhejiang Province, with Hangzhou Bay to the north. The location is great for travel to nearby sights: Shanghai is two hours away; Hangzhou just over an hour.

One of China's oldest cities, Ningbo has a history dating back to 4800 BC. Locals are proud of the fact that Shanghai was first populated by people who migrated north from Ningbo. Ningbo was known as a trade city on the silk road and still retains its status as a major port city today.

Mandarin is the most commonly used and understood language, though some local residents still speak a dialect of Wu Chinese.


The Old Bund (Lao Waitan)

The oldest of its kind in China, the Bund is a showcase of British and Dutch architecture. It is now a confluence of pubs, restaurants, bars and trendy shops.

Dongqian Lake

Dongqian Lake has a vast body of water and a winding waterfront. It is surrounded with mountains in all directions.

Ningbo Museum

A masterpiece created by world-renowned architect Wang Shu, the Ningbo Museum features interactive exhibits dedicated to the art, culture and history of the region.


Restaurants in Ningbo come in all shapes and sizes. What makes Ningbo really special is the variety: from local specialties to western comforts, you'll never be short of choice.

You may find yourself visiting smaller convenient restaurants for a quick bite to eat and western style restaurants for a little taste of home. Whether you want dumplings, seafood, street food or pizza there's always a place open.